Did you know ‘GONE’ star Dirk Been (‘Survivor’) shared
his testimony about Jesus with over 60 million viewers around the world?

‘GONE’ was the only Christian film ever selected at the CineAlta Film Festival which included films such as
‘Star Wars: Attack of the Clones’ and ‘Ali’.

‘GONE’ is one of the fastest-selling DVD’s in the Christian film market.

‘GONE’ has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, People Magazine, the Christian Times, the Christian Beacon, PAX TV.

‘GONE’ was seen at both the Dove Awards (PAX TV) and the MovieGuide Awards (PAX TV) in the same

“Really Captivating...
cool camera shots...
incredible ending.”
-Kate Skarich,
Catalytic Associate Director,
Campus Crusade for Christ

In this post-apocalyptic thriller, three tenacious lawyers are sent to Manila to defend a multi-national corporation; but instead, meet their fate in the last days of the Earth. Great calamities occur while the characters size up the world, humanity, and finally God in this intelligent, fast-paced drama, "GONE". Filmed on location around the world, the movie’s climax takes place in Bataan, near the foot of the world’s largest Cross.


‘Gone’ has become something of a small phenomenon, the little movie that could. Over 600,000 people have seen ‘Gone’ in every continent around the world.

The best-selling Christian film has had over 1 million unique visitors enter its site – all for a movie that the media still ignores or reviles (“I’m OK with it,” says director Tim Chey. “All who follow Jesus Christ will suffer persecution.”).

“I get lots of hate mail from people who despise Christian filmmakers and the hard-core message of the last days,” says Chey. “But the next great event for the church is the Rapture. I want everyone to know Jesus Christ.”

Scenema Concept and RiverRain Productions present the motion-picture drama, "GONE", directed by Tim Chey, based on his screenplay. Leo Villalon produces the film. The Executive Producer is Leonard Villalon.

“GONE” was one of five American films selected at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) at the prestigious Sony CineAlta Film Festival. Among the other films selected were “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones”; “Ali”, and “Lovely and Amazing”. “GONE” was also nominated for ‘Best Christian Movie of the Year’

for 2003 along with ‘Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force’, ‘Veggie Tales: Jonah’, and ‘Time Changer’.

“GONE” was also seen at the Dove Awards (2002) and the MovieGuide Awards (2002) as seen on PAX TV.

“GONE" is an indie-epic thriller of the end of times, capturing the attention of thousands around the world. It begins with the simple premise of three highly intelligent lawyers who get left behind in the Philippines.


“The beauty of the film,” says director Chey, “is you have these rather smart corporate lawyers who try to rationalize their way out of the Rapture, but in the end it’s useless – the only true road leads to Jesus Christ. It’s a hard-core evangelical film.”

Set in the present time, "Gone" chronicles three American lawyers journey to Manila, Philippines to defend a multi-national accused of spilling hazardous waste into the Pasig River. The trio pulls off a masterful settlement, but, while there, encounter a strange beggar who speaks of the last days of the Earth. The beggar says there will be great calamities in the last days such as the ocean turning to blood, hail the size of bowling balls, and stars falling from the sky.

One by one, the events become true as the shocked trio encounters cataclysmic events as they head for the last remaining chopper back to te States; however, a surprise awaits them all in the end.

"I wanted to do a movie that honored God, first and foremost," recalls Chey. "Movies today have a complete agnostic bent to them, dismissing any notion of God to chance and circumstance. I wanted “GONE” to be about Christ Jesus throughout the entire film while looking at God from both the secular and Believer perspectives, finally pointing the way to the truth as written in God’s Word, the Bible. I’m not worried about offending the secular movie critics – if God is for us, who can be against us?”


“Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

Matthew 24:44